Integration via google tag manager

Step 1 – Creation of Favizone tag:

-From the menu, click on “tags” and then the “new” button.

-Name this tag “Favizone tag”.

-Click “Tag configuration”.



–Go to “Custom Html.”

-Click this button

-Copy the code below.



-Insert the copied code into the added configuration area.


Step 2 – Trigger setting:

-In the Trigger section, click the icon in the center.

-Select “All pages”.



Step 3 – Preview on my website :

-After creating your tag, it’s time to preview it on your site before publishing it

-Click on the “Preview” button at the top right.

-The Google tag manager console will be displayed

-Check that “Favizone tag” is triggered.


Step 4 – Publish to tag

-Click on the “publish” button at the top right, “Favizone tag” is now triggered in your site.




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