Guide 1:
activate the chatbot automatically in my page“This is the easiest mode of activation, all you need to do is:
1-To click on “ Connect with Facebook account”
2-Once clicked on “Choose a page”, a list of your Facebook pages, in which you are admin, will appear. You need now choose a page in which the bot will be connected and click on “connect to this page”.Conversell

Guide 2:
activate the chatbot manually in my page To know more about “activate the chatbot manually in my page” check this link



Guide 3: 
in settings, you must provide a project ID, for that you need to create an agent on dialog flow to do that you must follow this link

   1. You need to sign in
   2. Click on create new agent
   3. You need to complete missing information (make sure you select create new Google project under Google project)
   4. Click on the gear icon, to the right of the agent name.
   5. Under the GOOGLE PROJECT section, Copy the project ID.





Guide 4: You need to connect you Chatbot with Diaglowflow. To do that you must provide a private key and client email .for that you must create an account service on google cloud platform. To access Google cloud platform you must:
   1. Open you agent on dialog flow
   2. Click on the gear icon, to the right of the agent name.
   3. Under the GOOGLE PROJECT section, click on the link in Service account field.


4. Click on create service account
5. In the pop up, enter a name for the service account.


 1. Click on Role. Under the Dialogflow category, select the desired role Dialogflow API Admin


 2.Select create key option and make sure JSON is selected for Key type


3. Click the Create button.
4. Download of the JSON file will start. Choose a location to save it and confirm.
5. Once complete, you will see a pop up with a confirmation message. Click Close
6. finally you need to copy the private key and the client email on the JSON file and paste it settings



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